Health insurance options for low-income families

Health insurance is primarily designed to protect you and your family against possible risk of sickness and injuries. When you get health insurance, your health insurance provider agrees to either cover your total medical fee or pay a certain portion from your total medical fee. It is very important that every family acquire health insurance, so that they can receive financial assistance when they need to undergo a certain medical service.

If you are one of those people in America who cannot afford to get health insurance, you must not lose hope because there are still some ways on how you can get health insurance. There are many cheap yet effective health insurances in the United States that you can take full advantage of. With this, families with low income can still get health insurance.

Health insurance options for families in U.S with low income are listed below:

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) can help many families with low income gain access to different health insurance options. COBRA can help many people continue their pending health insurance plan. COBRA is indeed a good health insurance option for those people who undergo certain medical service and treatments. However, before you get health insurance through COBRA, you need to understand that this health insurance option is not the cheapest option that families with low income can obtain.

If you are a regular employee of a certain company, then you do not need to look more for cheap health insurance because you are covered with Employee’s compensation program. If you acquire work-related injury and sickness, your employer must help you pay your medical service and treatment because you are under employee’s compensation program.

Families with low income can also avail Medicaid. Medicaid is indeed a cheap health insurance option. Medicaid is an effective health insurance provider that you can rely on in times of sickness and injuries. It is also a health insurance option for people with low income. All states in United States set requirements to identify those families in the country that can avail Medicaid. Many states in U.S continually add health insurance options for families with low income. Please be aware that the coverage provided as a part of Medicaid varies from state to state. Certain services must be offered by all state Medicaid programs, including laboratory tests and X-rays, inpatient hospital stays etc while others are optional. For example, it’s mandatory that all states provide dental coverage to the children and it is optional for adults. Now as a part of the health care reform law, more people can avail Medicaid services. With this reform, people who make 133 percent of the federal poverty level will qualify for the Medicaid. Although, remember that not all physicians accept patients with Medicaid due to low reimbursement for the services.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is another government-backed insurance option that families with low income can avail for their children who are under age 19. Again the services offered under this option varies from state to state.

Medicare is also one of the best health insurance options for families with low income. The government provides Medicare so that families who cannot afford to get expensive health insurance can still have the opportunity to get effective health insurance option that they can afford. Social Security Administration administers and regulates Medicare. Seniors citizen in United States of America are qualified to apply for Medicare.

Families with low income can also avail short-term health insurance coverage. This health insurance option is perfect to those people who are about to start a job. It is also a good health insurance option for people who need enough time to decide about their family health and individual insurance.

Low income families who are fairly healthy can also avail private insurance options with high deductibles and low premiums wherein the insured agrees to bear most cost when the services are actually availed.

Families with low income can still acquire medical assistance through different health insurance options that suit their family income. You can claim your health insurance benefits in times of sickness and injuries.

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