How to keep your auto insurance premium low ?

When it comes to your auto insurance a few different things can make it go up. Some of the most common are tickets, and accidents. We can’t always prevent an accident; however, you can do many things to prevent a ticket. If you have a tendency to speed, set cruise control if it is available in your car. Make sure everyone is wearing a seat belt. Make the rule of no open containers in your car. If someone might be tempted put alcohol in the trunk out of sight.

Another thing could be the type of coverage you have that can make your premium higher. If you have full coverage you’re going to pay more. If you don’t need full coverage, change it to liability coverage. That way you are still covered but it won’t be so expensive.

One big thing when having a high premium is if you have a new driver. Speak with your auto insurance agent, and they may suggest that you put them as an occasional driver on one of your cars depending on how often they will be driving and this will help the cost stay low. Also keeping their insurance on your account will help keep their out of pocket costs down.

Auto insurance bills can be high for numbers of reasons. One may be points against your license. You can get points against your license for several things, make sure that you are aware of what they are and how to prevent that from happening to you. Running a stopped school bus is a huge one.

Some of the things the insurance carrier might consider that can affect your premium additional to what I already mention would be the type of car you currently drive, the location of the driving, your driving record and your credit history.

When wanting to lower your premium you can see about coverage on multiple vehicles at once, ask about a discount for good students, you can also see about reducing your average driving. This can lower the premium as well if you don’t use the car as often by carpooling to work and so forth.

If you’re considering buying a new car speak with your auto insurance agent first so your premium don’t go up. They might have suggestions like buying a used car so all you would need is liability instead of full coverage. If you are going to be making payments you have to have full coverage on the car. If you were to purchase one that was used and don’t have to make payments you can get away with just the liability on the car.

Depending on your deductible you may also have to pay a higher premium each month. Requesting a higher deductible means a lower premium. Also, if you get all the extra coverage not required by the state this will increase your premium as well.

Your age, sex, and marital status can also affect your premium. Statics say that you have a higher risk of getting in an accident when you’re under 25, especially the young, single males, so that makes your premium higher.

There is a lot to consider that can alter the amount you pay each month on your car insurance. If you don’t need the extra coverage just don’t get it. Also try to stay away from tickets and accidents. If you know you’re going to do a lot of driving try and seek alternative ways to lower that as well. For the new drivers see about the good student discount, and some states provide classes that can help keep your cost down.

Health insurance could also be a factor for some insurance policies and this could make your rate higher. If you have a possibility of something happening behind the wheel the insurance provider may not give you some discounts.

The biggest thing about your premium could be just who you go through to get the insurance. You might find it cheaper to go through someone out of state instead of local to your area. Just do your research and see what is best for you when it comes to keeping your premium low each month.

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